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Powerboat Rentals in BVI

Updated: May 17, 2023

Why Should You Consider Powerboat Rentals in BVI?

During the summer season, most people want to be around water sources. You can have so much fun, like swimming, snorkeling, and jet-skiing. However, there’s something you might not have thought about: power boats! Powerboat rentals in BVI can help you enjoy the water more thoroughly.

What Is a Powerboat?

Often called a motorboat or speedboat, the powerboat is powered solely by an engine. Some have inboard versions, but others are installed at the vessel's rear. They can be loud and often go much faster than a sailboat or yacht.

The Advantages of Using a Powerboat in BVI

There are many benefits of powerboat rentals in BVI. Learn as much as you can about them before deciding to rent one. We will explain them a little more below.

Exercise in Style

When choosing a charter to work with, the staff does all the work for you. You can provide an itinerary or let the staff handle it. There are plenty of stops, so you could splash in the water, run around the beach, and search for shells. These activities burn calories, but you never realize you’re exercising because it’s fun!

Provide Relaxation

Most people go on vacation to destress and escape their everyday lives. You probably have a challenging job, so you want to escape, and boating is one way to do that.

It’s often hard to learn everything you must know to go boating, so it’s better to choose chartered powerboat rentals in BVI. Someone else does all the work, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation more thoroughly. Most skippers will teach you the basics if you wish, which helps you learn new things and explore the area.

Explore New Places

The British Virgin Islands is a beautiful place, so first-timers often find something exciting to do. However, many options exist, even if you’ve been here 100 times.

While you can stay on land and enjoy the beaches, there’s something freeing about being on the water. When you rent a boat, it’s much easier to explore without the hassles of knowing where you’re going or attending to the vessel.

Affordable and Fun

Boat rentals in BVI can be very affordable, especially considering what you get. In most cases, you want something chartered because it means someone else navigates and steers the vessel. Though it seems like you’re spending money unnecessarily, you get more value without the extra aggravation.

Many Services Available

Most chartered services offer many amenities, and you can choose what meets your needs—for example, half and full-day options are private and all-inclusive for multiple guests. Grab your friends or family members and experience a day of happiness.

These charter companies usually provide the itinerary so you can simply relax on the beach, snorkel, or fish in the Caribbean waters!

Sometimes, you’ll have the option of hiring a water taxi or even enjoying dinner charters. There’s nothing like eating on the open sea while on a boat!

How Chartered Powerboat Rentals Work in the British Virgin Islands

There are various charter services out there, and you’ve got many boat manufacturers and brands. Therefore, you may wonder what’s suitable for you, and this depends on many factors.

What activities do you wish to do? A charter service works well if you plan to visit the many beaches the BVI has to offer. Likewise, it can help you choose the best snorkeling areas and so much more.

Most people are unsure or don’t feel comfortable learning to boat themselves. When you choose a chartered service, the process is simplified. Just determine your booking date and charter date, figure out what you need, and a representative will help you with the rest.

Your representative will explain the cost of the trip and the deposit amount required. Likewise, you’ll learn where your drop-off and pick-up locations are and the suggested itinerary. In most cases, you can make changes if necessary.

On the day of your trip, you should pack and plan accordingly. You’ll want to bring plenty of beverages and food, toys for the water, fishing rods, and all the rest. In most cases, the charter service will have certain things, but most people feel comfortable with their equipment.

It’s wise to bring sunscreen, towels, changes of clothes, and more. That will help you feel more comfortable during your trip.

Someone Else Drives

Some like to learn new things, so driving a powerboat can be fun. Many others feel overwhelmed, so a charter service is the best option. You’ll bring what you want, and someone else will steer you.

These professional skippers understand the “rules of the road” for the water and are well-versed in the local laws. You may not have that information, so you could do something illegal without knowing it.

The charter service often also offers boat rentals for personal use, meaning a skipper doesn’t go with you. This is always an option for those who have taken courses and learned the ropes. However, you will likely have to take a short survey or test to ensure that you have the knowledge required to be alone on the water. That is to protect you and the company.

Choose Ocean Bliss Charters for Powerboat Rentals in BVI

When you arrive in the British Virgin Islands, you’ll probably take a day to relax and unwind. However, it’s then time for fun and excitement. Instead of planning your itinerary, you can consider powerboat rentals in BVI from Ocean Bliss Charters.

It’s so much better to spend your holiday letting someone else do all the work for you, and that’s just what this company does. The staff plans the itinerary, and you decide how long and when you want to be gone.

We are here to help create the perfect vacation for you and your family. Contact us today at 1-284-499-3068 for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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