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Crewed Yacht Charters in BVI

Updated: May 17, 2023

Reasons to Consider Crewed Yacht Charters in BVI

Most people think a cruise ship is the best way to enjoy a luxury vacation in the British Virgin Islands, but that might not be ideal. You may wish to visit other attractions or be independent but with some guidance, as desired. Therefore, crewed yacht charters in BVI might be appropriate!

What’s a Crewed Yacht Charter?

A crewed yacht charter means hiring a yacht for a specific duration and having a crew ready to do the piloting. Your group simply brings what they want while everything else is planned for them. Most companies offer full- and half-day charters to experience the area without the hassle.

Advantages of Crewed Yacht Charters in BVI

Are you ready to learn more about crewed yacht charters in BVI? Let’s find out the many benefits you’ll experience!

1. Luxury Equipment

The yacht available is long and luxurious enough to handle you and your group. You don’t have to purchase or rent a vessel because they’re already there and waiting for you. Plus, you’ll have modern equipment and facilities while on board.

Generally, the yachts feature a large deck to lay out in the sun, and you can stop and swim in the ocean whenever you want!

2. Beautiful Destinations

It seems that everywhere you turn in the British Virgin Islands has something to marvel at, but the half or full-day charters help you experience everything BVI offers. Get a full taste of the island life, and let the company choose the itinerary or decide what you want to do.

Snorkeling, fishing, and relaxing on the beaches of the Caribbean are all up for grabs. It simply depends on what you want to do that day!

3. Customization

Crewed yacht charters are all about customizing the experience to meet your needs. The itineraries can include White Bay Beach, Jost Van Dyke, Peter, and Norman Islands, and Anegada day trips. Likewise, the company you choose supplies the beverages, snorkel equipment, and anything else you might need. However, you bring your own food.

Why is it important that you have complete customization? You’re different than anyone else who visits BVI. Those who travel with kids may want a non-alcoholic day, but boisterous college kids on spring vacation will wish to enjoy all the tasty mixed drinks they can get!

Food choices can be problematic for the company to supply, especially when there are various dietary restrictions. Bringing your own means getting exactly what you want, whether you’re a junk-food lover or like healthy snacks.

4. See the Sights

The British Virgin Islands is full of relaxing beaches, with bars, restaurants, and entertainment. Visit just one or all of them because, with a crewed yacht charter, you’re free to pick where you want to go.

Many people book them every year and will experience something new each time. That’s the beauty of the BVI; uniqueness is around every corner, but you’re safe and ready for anything because the crew knows where to go!

5. Personalized Service

Vacations are the best time to try new things. However, cruise ships often rush passengers, so they don’t get to do what they want. With a crewed yacht charter, you aren’t limited.

Choose the length of time you wish to spend on the yacht, and that’s all you have to do. The team will handle the itinerary, but you can also tell them where you want to go. Plus, they know the best fishing areas and can bring equipment, so you don’t have to rent it on the beach!

6. Flexibility and Freedom

Hiring a crewed yacht charter means you’re setting the pace. Do you want to drift along and see the ocean sights or get to multiple beaches in one day to see more of the island life? Regardless, you can decide without worrying about strict schedules or what to do when you arrive.

7. Sailing with No Hassles

A sailing vacation should focus on experiencing what the sea offers. However, cruise ships are often so large that you don’t even know you’re on a boat. On a crewed yacht, you’ll enjoy the waves and the ocean as much as you want. Plus, the crew is friendly and will answer questions, so you understand what they do and why.

8. Inexpensive Trip

Crewed yacht charters in BVI offer all-inclusive vacations to everyone. Whether you want to visit with your family or are on a honeymoon with your beloved spouse, you can save money and enjoy the area and all its offerings.

The charter company will often cover beverages, but you’re responsible for the clothing, snacks, and everything else. This means you’re not paying for what you won’t use. However, the yacht features all the fishing equipment required, and it’s included in the price!

9. More Space

The yachts chosen for crewed charters are often spacious and are something most people don’t know how to operate. Therefore, the family can spread out while they sail. You’re not stuck at the wheel or trying to navigate maps to determine where to go; the captain does all that for you!

10. More Relaxation

Sailing is considered something that only experienced people can handle, but anyone can enjoy the open waters with crewed yacht charters in BVI. You’re still in the lap of luxury, someone else deals with the work, and you can live the luxury lifestyle while on vacation! It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Why Choose Ocean Bliss Charters

If you’re looking to come to the British Virgin Islands and aren’t sure what to do, boating with Ocean Bliss Charters is a must. Though you’ll need a day to unwind after traveling, you also want to experience excitement and fun.

There’s no need to plan the itinerary unless you want to. Hire crewed yacht charters in BVI from Ocean Bliss Charters. Spending your holiday letting others do the work for you has never been easier! Plus, you can customize the trip to meet your needs.

Are you ready to create a vacation for your family? Please contact 1-284-499-3068 to get started or use the online form.

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