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Best Restaurants in BVI

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

It is no surprise that BVI has enchanted visitors for years with its unrivaled Caribbean beauty, hospitality, and splendor. It is located in the northeast of the Caribbean and has been a popular place for travelers for a long time.

The water surrounding this area is crystal clear and blue. People come here to enjoy the sun, the warm nights, the stunning view and the ocean. Sailing is among the best things to do since the scenery is spectacular. There are excellent water sports, such as fishing, snorkeling, and kiteboarding. If relaxation is your style, there are lots of powdery white beaches on which you can relax to soak up the sun.

The culinary experience is a huge reason why tourists travel here as well. The majority of the area's cuisine is infused with Caribbean flavors. However, the most appropriate way to set out the eating experience here is by trying various food options available. Whatever your taste or preference, you'll find something that appeals to you here. Here are five dining options you should not miss while traveling to the great place of BVI.

1. Oil Nut Bay's - Beach Club Restaurant

In my opinion, this is the best restaurant in the British Virgin Islands. This is a lovely, self-sustaining resort established by David Johnson. Being a guest here gives you access to enjoy dining at its very finest. You can't find a more lavish and private place than the three renowned Cliff Suites. The spectacular seaside views of the luxurious and spacious rooms of the most coveted Cliff Penthouse Suite are complemented by the stunning location, which sits on an overhanging face of rock and is elegantly built with breathtaking ocean vistas. This is over 1,300 sq. ft. in size. It's decorated with furniture by Fendi Casa.

As the only restaurant in the resort, Beach Club shines in every aspect. The service is more friendly and welcoming, while the food itself is delicious, thanks to Chef Lenny Sorce's delightful selection of refined dishes that will please the crowd. You won't miss trying the fish tacos served with fresh jalapeno, the lobster burger alongside mango mayo on top, and Duck Pad Thai. There's also an absolutely delicious pizza perfectly crisped by the Al Forno wood pizza oven. - Ordered it throughout the day! The bar's menu isn't any slow-moving, thanks to Lennox, the head bartender's love for creating some seriously enjoyable drinks and a relaxed atmosphere and entertainment.

2. Cocomaya

The restaurant on the Virgin Gorda beachfront, which is run by Aaron Seddon and Kim Takeuchi, has a modern aesthetic. Think of lighting fixtures in the form of baskets, bamboo accents, personalized stone bars all over, and a delicious menu inspired by Asian cuisine with shared plates. Fans of sushi will love it here! The CocoMaya roll, deep-fried and served with avocado, tempura shrimp, and spicy mayonnaise, is a must-try.

There's no better choice than the skirt steak grilled with onions and the Mexican chimichurri. For something more substantial, you can also try a Korean stir-fried rice cake coated in a spicy and sweet sauce. The restaurant's wine list is vast, and its cocktail selection is enjoyable! The most popular "Cojito" is a fantastic variation of the traditional mojito with a hint of coconut.

3. Deadman's Beach Bar and Grill, Peter Island

The Tradewinds is the adored resort's most renowned dining establishment. However, I would avoid it and go straight for Deadman's Beach Bar and Grill to get a feel of a casual atmosphere and dining experience. The name refers to the fact that you'll be able to dine on the beach and enjoy breathtaking views. Additionally, the food selection is reliable and comfortable. You can expect to find Caribbean classics such as curry chicken roti and authentic Caribbean conch fritters. You can also find classic dishes such as the well-known Smoked Ribs that are well-seasoned alongside a Sweet mango BBQ sauce. (Keep your napkins close by.) Live steel drumming is a great island vibes booster played twice a week on Wednesday nights. And a lavish Caribbean feast is served!

4. Hog Heaven

It belongs to the few chosen most loved spots, too. Why? It's hard to imagine a location where you can enjoy more fantastic perspectives of all the islands and captivating sunsets overlooking North Sound. It's a very casual and friendly atmosphere. The drinks are delivered with a pleasant expression. Plus, the lunch BBQ cooked in the kitchen is truly out of the ordinary.

5. Saba Rock

It's just the beginning. This tiny island is accessible only by boat. However, once you've arrived, you'll be able to see why it has always been a frequent favorite for both guests and locals alike. Happy hour is a lively time, and the feeding of tarpon is at 5 p.m daily. It has become a common local custom. Their good food is simple and warm. Fuel your day with the house's specialty, fresh local Lobster Escargot. It is a local catch Anegada lobster dish with butter, garlic, and lemon. After that, you can enjoy some of our chef's specialty dishes, such as the stir-fry of tropical beef and Caribbean spicy chicken. Then, wash it up with a spirited yet refreshing drink, the Painkillers. Saba Rock has fresh seafood and fish that are a MUST to try while in BVI.

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