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Best Beaches in BVI

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

The British Virgin Islands are made up of more than 50 islands and cays, each with its own unique character.

The best beaches in the British Virgin Island offer something for everyone, from secluded coves perfect for snorkeling and swimming to lively party spots. Many of the best beaches are only accessible by boat, making them all the more special.

Some of the best scuba diving spots in the Caribbean, with clear turquoise waters and abundant marine life can be found in the best beaches in BVI.

The Must-See Best Beaches In BVI

With lots of isles dotting the tropical landscape, it can be overwhelming to find the best beaches in BVI to relax on. Here are a few of the best beaches in BVI to check out while on Ocean Bliss Charters:

1. White Bay Beach

On the southern island, Jost Van Dyke, a beautiful white-sand beachfront with several cocktail bars and a thick jungle environment, is available. Forbes Magazine has named White Bay Beach one of the "Best Caribbean Beaches for 2019." A stunning snorkeling reef surrounds the surrounding seas. Many people consider it one of the best beaches in BVI party spots.

There is only one way to get to White Bay Beach: by boat, since it's off the beaten path and accessible solely by water. Several well-known restaurants and beach bars make this a must-see stop. Perhaps the most recognized is the Soggy Dollar Bar, which offers a legendary Painkiller cocktail. It's the ideal drink for a beautiful day on the beach, made from dark rum, coconut cream, and tropical ingredients.

2. The Baths

The Baths, a must-see location in the British Virgin Islands, are consistently named as one of the finest things to do there.

The Baths is a series of giant granite boulders that have been smoothed over by centuries of water erosion. This makes for a spectacular natural playground where you can climb, swim, and explore the numerous tide pools and hidden caves. The Best time to visit The Baths is early morning when it's less crowded.

3. Smuggler's Cove

The beach is west of the island's northwestern tip, near the northwest tip. This beach is on Tortola Island. As access is via a crazy-narrow, pothole-cratered road, the Smugglers' Cove is a lovely patch of land that isn't nearly as well-traveled as its neighbors. That being said, cruise-ship groups do make their way here on occasion.

The area is named for its past use as a safe haven for pirates and smugglers. It's a popular destination for locals and tourists today, thanks to its history as a pirate haven.

It's a well-known beach for its spectacular cliffs, isolated cove, and crystal-clear seas. It is a popular destination for snorkeling, swimming, and picnicking.

4. Long Bay Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches on Tortola is Long Bay Beach. The beach is nearly a mile long and provides the ideal backdrop for a traditional Caribbean beach day.

Long Bay is home to luxury resorts and beach shacks serving fruity rum-soaked beverages on the eastern side. If you're seeking peace and white sand, head a little further west on the beach, where you'll discover it's quieter and has some of the finest swimming in the BVI.

5. Devil's Bay

This beach is located on Virgin Gorda, the third-largest island in the BVI. Devil's Bay is a stunning U-shaped cove surrounded by cliffs and jungle. Devil's Bay is a tiny inlet tucked away within the enormous Devil's Bay National Park on the British Virgin Islands.

It is known for its enormous granite boulders and craggy coast and provides a peaceful getaway along Virgin Gorda's southern tip. The picturesque area between The Baths and Stoney Bay is worth the trip.

If you want to find a peaceful place to relax, consider this remote destination. You can sunbathe on the rocks or lay down on the sand. You can drop anchor near the coastline and swim to and from the shore if you have your own boat. It's also one of the best beaches in BVI for snorkeling.

6. Savannah Bay

The fewer boulders you'll find as you head north on Virgin Gorda. To be honest, Savannah Bay Beach is almost devoid of boulders and people. This is a beautiful beach with lots of space and solitude. If there are more than 20 people here at once, it's an extremely active day. On the vast majority of days, you could be entirely alone on Virgin Gorda's largest beach, with only a few people coming and going at random intervals.

Make sure you bring your sunscreen and water with you since there is little shade on this Caribbean island. A few palapas (wooden beach umbrellas with palm thatch roofs) have been set up a couple of hundred feet apart in the vegetated areas, which you may find if you go up into the hillsides.

Explore the Best Beaches in BVI with Ocean Bliss Charters

Ready for a taste of island life? Ocean Bliss Charters can give you the perfect getaway, complete with all the relaxation and none of the hassle. Whether you decide to visit Beef Island, Loblolly Bay, Oil Nut Bay, Guana Island, Apple Bay Beach, Mahoe Bay, Cow Wreck Beach, Caneel Bay, Josiah's Bay, Scrub Island, Trellis Bay, or Little Dix Bay, we can help you find the best things to do while there. All you need to do is decide when you want to come to visit the Best Beaches in BVI - we have plenty of charter availability for any time frame! And if you're not sure what you want to do while on our beautiful island, never fear. Our team is more than happy to help plan a fantastic itinerary tailored just for you. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone or shoot us an email today and let us know when you want to come to see us!

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