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Are You Planning on Visiting White Bay Beach?

Updated: May 17, 2023

White Bay Beach is one of the most exquisite beaches on Jost Van Dyke for unwinding. White Bay is close to Great Harbor, almost all of the island's bars, and several oceanfront villas and bungalows. It is usually bustling with activity. Passengers must swim or use a dinghy to get to the shore from many independent boats and yachts that dock in the water.

While the bars are more of a rowdy party atmosphere, the area's main beach provides plenty of space for visitors to spread out their towels or set up their chairs to tan. Local restaurants such as One Love Bar, Grill, and Soggy Dollar offer bar food and reasonably cheap burgers, but you can also get particularly strong beverages there.

Many travelers praise the beach as one of the most gorgeous they have ever seen and the sand as some of the softest they have ever felt.

Are you interested in visiting White Bay Beach? Here are a few things you need to know.

How Do You Get to White Bay Beach?

Firstly, you need to get to Jost Van Dyke. There are three main ways to get there. These include:

  1. Fly to British Virgin Island's Beef Island

  2. Fly to St. Thomas

  3. Fly to San Juan Puerto Rico

Once you get there, take a ferry to get to White Bay Beach. You can take several ferries to get to the Jost Van Dyke from the ferry dock.

The majority of visitors arrive by boat, which is open to everybody.

Where Is White Bay Beach?

White Bay Beach is an excellent location even by British Virgin Islands standards. The path still runs along the ocean, even though it is accessible by land from the major and most popular tourist destination, Great Harbor, on the south shore of the Jost Van Dyke, a small island that holds the renowned pirate's name.

The primary characteristic that distinguishes this beach—or, more specifically, its origin—is its sand. Furthermore, most of it is made up of coral chips that fish have created by devouring corals. However, it doesn't lose its softness and lightness as a result. The beach is shielded from heavy waves by coral reefs set back from the shore; thus, the water's entry into the turquoise sea is relatively calm.

Do You Need a Passport for Jost Van Dyke?

Yes, a current passport is required for a trip to this unique island and the return trip. This is because the British Virgin Islands is an overseas territory. Ensure that your passport is valid for the entire time you travel and is at least six from its expiration date.

Do People Live on Jost Van Dyke?

One of the main reasons that people love Jost Van Dyke so much is because it's considered an 'unspoiled paradise.' This means that only a few people live there, so you can still enjoy the natural beauty of the small island.

When Is the Best Time to Go to White Bay Beach?

Due to the tropical environment of the islands, the annual average air temperature is relatively constant and never falls below 24 degrees. This also applies w When calculating the water temperature. While September to November is the coziest and wettest months to visit, this is also when hurricane season occurs. Hence, the beginning of May and December and the end of April are the best times to visit this beautiful paradise.

What Can You Do in Jost Van Dyke?

While there are numerous fun activities to participate in, scuba diving and snorkeling have to top the list.

There are many excellent dive locations in the waters near Jost Van Dyke. Bands of sponges and coral in various colors can be found in the warm, shallow ocean water. Deeper into the water, a rock wall will lead you into a shadowy environment filled with barracuda, sunken ships, and huge sea rays.

Become aware of the beauty of the underwater world with snorkeling. Unexpected treasures can be found in the British Virgin Islands waters. White Bay's coral reef provides breathtaking views of the ocean below. Explore the farthest reaches of the reef or swim alongside the rocky western edge when renting a yacht for the day.

A few other exciting water activities you can do include:

  • Charter boat trips

  • Boat rentals

  • Windsurfing

  • Surfing

  • Sportfishing

  • Kayaking

It's Time to Book Your Flight!

Are you planning a trip to the stunning White Bay Beach? Ocean Bliss Charters can help you with all your yacht and luxury boat charter rentals. Why not explore this magical island in style? If you're ready to sail on crystal clear waters with a refreshing drink in your hand, contact Ocean Bliss Charters today!

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